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UPDATE: Rabbit control work coming up in Central

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08 July 2024, 5:15 PM

UPDATE: Rabbit control work coming up in CentralPindone bait to target rabbits is being used from late July in some CODC parks and cemeteries. PHOTO: Otago Regional Council

UPDATE: Central Otago District Council (CODC) has added an extra site to its rabbit control work taking place later this month.

From late July, rabbit control work will be taking place at the Cromwell Cemetery, Clyde Cemetery, Alexandra’s Half Mile Reserve along with the corner block of the Clyde – Alexandra Rd and Mutton Town Rd, a site that was added to the list this week.

Carrot bait laced with the toxin Pindone will be laid over a period of four weeks, weather dependent, to control rabbits in these areas, which are a well-known pest throughout Otago. 

The operation will conclude about eight weeks from the start date.

A last-minute addition to the CODC's rabbit control work is a corner block of the Clyde - Alexandra Rd and Mutton Town Rd area. All areas affected should not be entered by people and their pets due to the harm the bait can cause. PHOTO: Supplied

Pindone carrot is used in winter, when food is scarce and fewer young rabbits are present. Baiting is 80 to 90 per cent effective. 

The carrots will be dyed green so people can identify and avoid them. The bait will be laid by hand and quad bike by a contractor.

Signage will be put up advising people of the rabbit control programme.

All landowners must control rabbits to level three or below on the Modified McLean Scale (MMS 3) in accordance with the Otago Regional Council’s (ORC) regional pest management plan.

CODC is aware that users of these spaces may be inconvenienced for the control period, but the benefits of having less rabbits will allow future native plantings to become established.

Pindone is dangerous to people and pets.

People should watch children closely, not handle the bait or carcasses, not eat animals from the area or within 2km of the area and keep dogs away from animal carcasses.