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My Town: Tarras

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22 December 2023, 10:21 PM

My Town: TarrasBeau Trevathan, pictured with Ann, Anna and Jonny, features in the first of our new series called My Town. PHOTO: Supplied

Introducing the "My Town" series.

This initiative is to find the charm and attractions of diverse small townships nestled in the heart of Central Otago.

Our aim is to provide holiday-makers with an immersive experience that delves far beyond the well-known landmarks, such as Cromwell’s iconic big fruit sculpture and the majestic Clyde Dam.

The series will unfold with weekly releases in our News section every Saturday and Wednesday until the 26 of January.

Over this period, we will cover towns of Central Otago, exposing the region's hidden treasures from a locals perspective.

Beau Trevathan welcomes readers to Tarras, population 606.

How did your story in Tarras begin?

Born at the Cromwell Maternity Home, the third generation to live in the same house.

What do you think is one of the town’s best hidden treasures and why?

The Lindis river is the number one gem. While it has been the life blood to the local agricultural industry it also offers many special places for family camping and picnics.

A large tin sculpture greets people to Tarras. PHOTO: Tourism Central Otago

Tarras is a good spot for a picnic. PHOTO: James Jubb / Tourism Central Otago

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone planning a visit?

Tarras has always been BYO. Do not expect the normal social gathering available at the “local,” that you will find in most other villages.

Check out the community's small collection of stores, including cafe. PHOTO: James Jubb / Tourism Central Otago

What’s something people planning a visit should bring with them?

Come with an open mind, golf clubs, walking shoes and sunscreen. There are several walks, but be prepared for all conditions. The locals would prefer to not have to carry anybody out.

What’s one thing about Tarras that might surprise a visitor?

Visiting any of the many heritage sites that remain since the discovery of gold in the 1800’s.