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Bendigo subdivision declined due to further intensification of land

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Aimee Wilson

07 July 2024, 5:30 PM

Bendigo subdivision declined due to further intensification of landThe Bendigo landscape that is currently used for viticulture. PHOTO: Supplied

Peregrine Wines’ latest subdivision at Bendigo Loop Rd has been declined by the Central Otago District Council.

The company noted in its application that viticulture use of the site was more productive than its current agriculture use and confirmed it had already purchased sauvignon blanc vines to plant within one of the new lots.

But the hearings panel agreed with planning consultant Olivia Stirling that the receiving environment, which is currently characterised by its open space natural character, will be compromised by further incremental subdivision in that location. 

Peregrine Wines first started a three-lot subdivision at Bendigo Loop Rd in 2021, then subdivided a 30ha lot into a further two lots a year later.

The initial piece of land subdivided was 38.9ha - split into three lots (5.46ha, 4.29ha and 29.17ha).

The 29.17ha lot was then split into a further two lots (3.47ha and 25.72ha), and now the company wanted to split the bigger piece that was left into a further 23.7ha and 2.005ha.

Olivia recommended in her planners report that the subdivision be declined because the surrounding landscape had already reached a density that was unable to absorb any further fragmentation without significantly undermining the rural character, amenity and open natural landscape values of the Rural Resource Area.

Although no change of land use has been made, nor any residential activity proposed on the bare land, one submitter said the application was sending mixed messages in recognising the possibility of future housing on the sites.

The panel also considered that while the applicant has indicated that there is no intention to establish residential activity on the site, in separate ownership there would still inevitably be multiple buildings or structures of some sort on both sites.