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All eyes on hunters across Central

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Aimee Wilson

21 March 2024, 5:00 PM

All eyes on hunters across CentralPolice have recently received reports of suspicious behaviour among hunters. PHOTO: Supplied

Central Otago police are starting to get phone calls from the public about suspicious activity from hunters.

Four males were seen with a bow and a set of binoculars walking down Fruitgrowers Rd last weekend, but police were not able to locate them.

Senior Constable Graham Perkins said poaching was certainly more of an issue when the ‘roar’ and the ‘grunt’ were on.

“We are looking at, if they are going out with firearms or a bow and arrow - they need to get landowners permission,” he said.

There have been other instances recently that have proved harmless, such as four young boys observed by members of the public shooting wild goats behind the Dunstan Rowing Club.

“They had permission, but members of the public were concerned.”

Hunters needed to be aware of where they were shooting and well away from people and activity. 

He said the problems began when offenders started targeting properties, driving through gates and leaving them open for stock to escape, as well as disturbing the animals.

“Central Otago has a lot of wild animals and the herd size can grow by a third every year, making more problems. Farmers will take steps by culling them.”

Duck shooting season also starts on May 1 bringing more hunters out into the wild, and Snr Const Perkins said people just have to be aware about what they are doing.