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Alexandra’s Jessica Coleman leading on the ice

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Anna Robb

27 May 2024, 5:45 PM

Alexandra’s Jessica Coleman leading on the iceDunstan High School student Jessica Coleman (16) with her Kiwiskate group at Alexandra’s Ice Inline. PHOTO: Supplied

 A local teenager’s schedule is packed with more sports than most, and despite her busy schedule also finds time to coach young ice skaters because she loves being on the ice most of all.

Jessica Coleman has her timetable down to a fine art, which includes five hours of ice skating each week, alongside netball, field hockey, swimming competitively and staying on top of her Year 12 studies.

She has been appointed the Alexandra Ice Skating Club (AISC) skaters representative for 2024.

In the leadership role, she is the person fellow skaters come to for advice, and she brings feedback to the club committee about ideas and issues.

Along with this responsibility she is the representative on the New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association (NZIFSA) athletes voice group.

“Already I’ve had some skaters coming to me, which is great, to be able to listen and then progress things on their behalf.”

She started skating at seven-years-old and got into lessons at an early age.

Now after completing a coaching course, she volunteers and coaches tiny tots (under five-year-olds) and youngsters, it’s her second year of coaching.

“The little skaters tend to look up to girls at my age . . . and it’s lots of fun getting them out on the ice.”

Jessica with some of her up and coming skaters during a lesson. PHOTO: Supplied 

Jessica credits her passion for the sport to her past coaches.

“Natalia [Belusakova] from Slovakia, last years’ coach, really pushed me to keep going and encourage my creativity.” 

Jessica and club members are thrilled about the new roof over the Ice Inline facility. 

“The ice is better quality already, there’s no rain, leaves or tree debris coming in. If there’s rain on the rink the ice gets bumpy, but because it's colder and smoother it’s better for our skate blades too - they last longer,” Jessica said.

Together with the club’s 18 competitive figure skaters she will be attending “as many competitions as possible” this season travelling to Gore, Dunedin, Queenstown and Invercargill. 

“The longer season now, thanks to the roof, will help us prepare for Queenstown [at the end of the season].”

Jessica participating in a figure skating competition. PHOTO: Supplied

This year she’s gone up a grade and will be competing in the juvenile category. She is working on learning new spins, combination spins and harder jumps as well as more interpretive dance and choreography. 

 The Central App asked Jessica what her plans were in regards to skating.

“We do tend to lose skaters for university and as people get older they drop out at this stage.

“I’m planning to continue for as long as I can because I really enjoy it.”

Find information about AISC here.