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My Town: Omakau

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03 January 2024, 3:37 AM

My Town: OmakauOmakau is a popular holiday destination throughout summer. PHOTO: James Jubb / Tourism Central Otago

Welcome to the next installment of our "My Town" series.

This initiative is to find the charm and attractions of diverse small townships nestled in the heart of Central Otago. Our aim is to provide holiday-makers with an immersive experience that delves far beyond the well-known landmarks, such as Cromwell’s iconic big fruit sculpture and the majestic Clyde Dam. The series will unfold with weekly releases every Saturday and Wednesday until the 26 of January. Over this period, we will cover towns of Central Otago, exposing the region's hidden treasures from a locals perspective.

Episode 7. Omakau

Alice Caron and Marie Dubois, of Muddy Creek Cafe, welcome readers to Omakau, population about 400.

How did your story in Omakau begin? 

It all started when we launched Fishwives Smokehouse, an artisan smokehouse we created in 2020. 

The smokehouse was in Omakau, so we would commute from Queenstown every week to smoke the fish. 

We stopped at Muddy Creek pretty much every time for a pie and a baked good. 

And, one day decided to view it. The rest is history.

Enjoying the sun outside Muddy Creek Cafe. PHOTO: Supplied

What is it about Omakau that you couldn’t live without and why? 

We couldn’t live without the community feel of it. 

Omakau without its people would not be Omakau. That is what is attractive when coming from a bigger town.

Here everyone knows and helps everyone, it is delightful to be part of it.

Where’s the best spot in town for lunch? 

We could be biased but Muddy Creek Café for sure.

What’s a fun fact about Omakau? 

Maybe the good old joke “Oh my cow”!

The Otago Central Rail Trail brings a lot of people to Omakau. PHOTO: James Jubb / Tourism Central Otago

What’s one thing people need to check out when visiting Omakau and why? 

Muddy Creek café of course! More seriously, walking along the Manuherikia river is one of the (most) peaceful things to do around here.

Where in Central Otago do you like to escape to and why? 

Naseby is our absolute fav! Such a cute village surrounded by the forest and mountain ranges, a great café and overall vibe!