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My Town: Cromwell

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16 January 2024, 3:31 AM

My Town: CromwellGlen Christiansen out biking the Lake Dunstan trail with his children, Sophie, Baxter and Molly.

Welcome to the next installment of our "My Town" series.

This initiative is to find the charm and attractions of diverse small townships nestled in the heart of Central Otago. Our aim is to provide holiday-makers with an immersive experience that delves far beyond the well-known landmarks, such as Cromwell’s iconic big fruit sculpture and the majestic Clyde Dam. The series will unfold with weekly releases every Saturday and Wednesday until the 26 of January. Over this period, we will cover towns of Central Otago, exposing the region's hidden treasures from a locals perspective.

Episode 10. Cromwell

Glen Christiansen welcomes readers to Cromwell, population 7160.

How did your story in Cromwell begin?

I came to Otago Polytech in 1994 and studied adventure tourism, I returned in 2005 as General Manager of the Golden Gate Lodge, now the Gate.

Cromwell is a great place to relax and unwind. PHOTO: Supplied/ Central Otago Tourism


What is it about Cromwell that you couldn’t live without and why?

Cromwell and Central Otago has hidden gems everywhere, from The Nevis Valley through to Pinders Pond.

With the arrival of the Lake Dunstan trail the region just got better for me.

What I couldn’t live without in Cromwell is the people, they make our community, and through my job I meet so many.

Don't forget to visit the town's Heritage Precinct, where it can feel like time has stood still. PHOTO: Hayden Parsons/ Central Otago Touring Route


Where’s the best spot in town for lunch?

Forage Café, maybe a bit biased, but plenty of space and carparking.

What’s a fun fact about Cromwell?

Neplusultra Street used to be classed as the town boundary.


What’s one thing people need to check out when visiting Cromwell?

Cromwell Museum it is amazing and shows how far the town has moved.

There are a large range of cycling and walking trails to explore around Cromwell. PHOTO: James Jubb/ Tourism Central Otago


Where in Central Otago do you like to escape to and why?

Onto any of the trails, mountain bike or E-bike - the options are limitless.