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MOA public easement proposal not accepted

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Anna Robb

12 March 2024, 8:03 PM

MOA public easement proposal not acceptedPictured are (from left) Nick Mannix and MOA president Andrew Dowling on the Matangi Station MTB trails in The Prospector MTB race on Sunday March 10. PHOTO: AuthenticAs

“People cannot contemplate not having access to Matangi Station” and its future as a mountain bike park is still unresolved.

They were the words of Mountain Bikers of Alexandra (MOA) president Andrew Dowling following an announcement yesterday that the group's proposal to purchase a public easement at Matangi Station was unsuccessful.

The group provided an update, via a social media post, yesterday afternoon. The post said: 

“Unfortunately, our offer to purchase a public access easement from John Sanders has not been accepted. We believe this is partly due to some fundamental misunderstandings of the proposal, which we are working to address. We understand that offers from prospective buyers have been received; however, at this stage, the property remains unsold.

“Purchasing an easement directly from John Sanders is our ‘Plan A.’ However, the sub-committee are actively pursuing alternative pathways to secure public access should this not be successful. We are far from giving up - the importance of this to our community has been made very clear. The sub-committee have been heartened by the overwhelming public support and are continuing to invest substantial time and effort in this process.”

MOA president Andrew Dowling said the group's sub-committee behind the rejected public access proposal, are set on working hard for the community.

Andrew was part of the fourth edition of the multi-day race The Prospector last weekend, of which two of the three days were set on Matangi Station.

“The vibe of the weekend was amazing, I think it was Anton Cooper (overall men’s team winner) who said it was a big family event, and it certainly was that . . . with epic trails.”

The MOA subcommittee are (from left) Andrew Dowling, Rob Wardle, Joe Sherriff, John Williamson and Ollie Yeoman. PHOTO: The Central App

PGG Wrightson (PGGW) rural sales manager Brent Irving said he could not say more on the sale, other than that there are multiple offers being looked at.

“We’re working through a process and it seems to me that there is no them and us. We’re there to sell Matangi for the Sanders family and . . . we’re there for the community and our farmers.”

Brent said people needed to respect that the sale is a decision for the Sanders family.  

“The station has been in their family for 100 years, this is a decision for them and people need to give them the respect that this deserves.”

The next step is for PGGW to gain agreement with a purchaser and a vendor and then get permission from the Commissioner of Crown Lands for the sale.

There was no timeframe for when this might be. 

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