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Maintenance costs for Molyneux Stadium to be decided

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Aimee Wilson

02 April 2024, 4:45 PM

Maintenance costs for Molyneux Stadium to be decidedAlexandra’s aging Molyneux Stadium needs significant work to bring it up to building code standard. PHOTO: Supplied

Significant work will need to be done on Molyneux Stadium to extend the life of the building beyond the next 30 years.

The Vincent Community Board agreed yesterday to spend $20,000 on a quantity surveyor’s estimate for compliance and maintenance, to bring the facility up to a fit-for-purpose standard.

Central Otago District Council property officer Tara Bates told the board once the report was complete, they would have the full picture of costs associated with retaining and refurbishing the stadium.

Built in the 1970s by Breen Construction, the stadium needs significant earthquake strengthening, and $1.38 million has been budgeted in year three of the Long Term Plan (LTP) for this.

Many sports and community groups use the facility, but its current condition was less than the required 34 per cent New Building Standard (NBS), according to a seismic assessment carried out in 2020.

An asbestos assessment has also been done, which identified that the toxic material was present in the building’s interior and exterior cladding, as well as other areas within the building. 

The report said that the cost of removal and replacement was expected to be significant, and the assessment identified the stadium as having a building life of 25-30 years if ongoing maintenance work continued. 

A further report will come back to the board for consideration on how to proceed once the cost estimate has been received.

Another report commissioned by Sport Central recently found the stadium was no longer fit-for-purpose as it wasn’t meeting the need of all users, and a Molyneux Stadium feasibility study would look into options to address those issues.

Fifteen years ago, a new proposed sports hub to replace Molyneux Stadium was put to ratepayers at a cost of $13 million, but it failed to gain support.