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Great shots at Cromwell disc golf opening celebration

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Anna Robb

19 May 2022, 6:30 PM

Great shots at Cromwell disc golf opening celebrationDown with the discs: Hadley Whale (10), Archer Rayner (8), Brynn Sutherland (9) and Theo Sutherland (7) gave disc golf a go at the official launch. PHOTO: Anna Robb

Cromwell's newest free family attraction, a nine hole disc golf course, is now completed with signage in Cromwell’s Anderson Park. 


Yesterday afternoon the community was invited to come along and have a go at the official opening ceremony.


Connect Cromwell commissioned Vortica Disc Golf to design and install the course. The course was made possible due to funding from Sport Otago's Tu Manawa fund.

Get on the green! map of the new nine hole course. PHOTO: Supplied


Connect Cromwell community facilitator Georgie Affleck said everyone was welcome to give the game a go.

Georgie Affleck and Jo McKnight gave out some tips for those keen to give disc golf a try. PHOTO: Anna Robb

Georgie said the group planned to undertake some education days for schools to promote the game further.

Sport Central sport and active recreation advisor Jo McKnight said they were excited about it as a new avenue for active recreation in the community.

"You can play if your three years old or if you're 80... and it's very cheap. It's a great way to get people active in the community and outdoors."

Connect Cromwell steering group member Jessie Sutherland said she was pleased to see the disc golf project completed.

"We've got bigger projects and ideas for green spaces coming up, so watch this space. People will have an opportunity to have their say in the coming months too."

Co-owner of Vortica Disc Golf and disc golf expert Martin Galley said the Cromwell course was designed to be ‘very beginner friendly’. Unfortunately Martin couldn't attend the launch as planned as he was isolating with covid-19.

“It’s aimed at wee ones and families, the holes are around 30-40 metres long. It’s only the last hole is a little bit longer. 

“All you need is one frisbee or a disc – a putter or mid range disc, and its free to play.”

Vortica Disc Golf's co-owner Martin Galley in action. PHOTO: Supplied

Cromwell’s Paper Plus has the starter pack for disc golf available for around $50 Martin said. 


To play participants throw a disc from a tee, at a target and then follow similar rules to golf.

Instead of a hole, there is a standing metal basket (which has loose chains attached to help to catch the disc).

You need to try to get the disc into the basket in as few throws as possible. 

 The basket where you need to land your disc or frisbee. PHOTO: Supplied

The New Zealand Disc Golf organisation website said it takes about 50-90 minutes to play a round of 18 holes. 


The website also stated the game’s benefits in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.

Fascination with the flight of the disc takes one’s mind away from current stresses and worries. 


“The game is easy to learn, but hard to master. Players keep coming back for the never-ending challenges.  

“Disc golf connects people to their natural environment - trees, grass, wind and sky. The perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life.”

Cromwell Community Board member Bob Scott was one of around 20 people who attended the launch. PHOTO: Anna Robb

Disc golf started in California 1975, with the invention of the metal basket. Since 2000, the game has been growing rapidly worldwide. It is most popular in North America and Northwest Europe. Finland, with a population not much larger than New Zealand, has over 700 courses.


There are 46 courses in New Zealand, and the game is growing rapidly the organisation said. 

The tee's are bright paved areas, easy to spot in Anderson's Park. PHOTO: Anna Robb

Putting her best foot forward Ashleigh Robb (7) and Archer Rayner (8) gave it a good go despite some drizzle on Thursday afternoon. PHOTO: Anna Robb

To find the start of the Cromwell course, head to the back corner of the hockey turf and there is a map detailing the layout of the holes.