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Have a Go Day - Indoor Bowls

Have a Go Day - Indoor Bowls

Sat 13 Jul 2024, 1:00 AM - 4:00 AM

Dunstan High School Gymnasium, Alexandra

Fun for All Central Otago Indoor Bowls Association (COIBA) is having a FUN afternoon of Indoor Bowls for current bowlers and potential new bowlers of all ages wanting to give it a go.

Indoor bowls is an inexpensive sport (everything supplied except flat soled shoes and a small fee to meet venue costs) and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a social activity on those Winter Saturday afternoons or club night evenings.

It can be as competitive as you want it to be, but like all sports, the emphasis is on taking part and having FUN!

You can play socially, compete in COIBA championships and team events, play in South Island and National competitions, and if you are a secondary school student, play in the national secondary schools competition.

The bowls are smaller (and therefore easier to manage) than the outdoor variety, and the playing surface is a carpet mat measuring approximately 6.7m long and 1.8m wide, so no strength is required to get your bowl to the other end of the mat.

Like any ball sport, the secret is in controlling direction and weight.

Get those right consistently and you will master the game in a very short time.

Bowling stances vary from those who kneel on one or two knees, or those who stand.

There will be existing bowlers of all these types to help you have a go.

What to Bring:

$5 venue fee

Ladies, please bring a plate to share

Men, please bring a small raffle prize.

Wear flat soled shoes if possible.

The Theme is Fancy Hats COIBA contact for more information: Secretary – Evelyn Bisset via email or phone

LOCAL CLUBS: There is likely to be an Indoor Bowling Club close to you so if you want to get involved – contact Evelyn above for the following local club contacts.

Alexandra District Club Indoor Bowls: Monday nights at 7pm (social bowls Tuesday 1pm) at the Alexandra District Club

Bannockburn Indoor Bowling Club : Monday nights at 7:30 at Lowburn Hall

Cromwell Indoor Bowling Club: Tuesday Nights at 7pm (social bowls at 1:30pm) at Cromwell Presbyterian Church Hall

Frankton Indoor Bowling Club: Monday nights at 7pm

Manuherikia Indoor Bowling Club: Monday nights at 7Pm at the Alexandra District Club

Ranfurly Indoor Bowls: Thursday afternoon at 1:30pm at the Ranfurly Bowling Club

Roxburgh East Indoor Bowling Club: Monday nights at 7:15pm at the Roxburgh Memorial Hall