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Clyde Dam Tours

Clyde Dam Tours

Every Friday 4:00 AM-4:00 AM

18 Sunderland Street, Clyde

Have you ever looked at the Clyde Dam and wondered, "what goes on in there?" Now is your chance to find out.

Clyde Dam Tours is offering the chance for people to explore the Clyde Dam, giving the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the country's largest hydroelectric dams.

Based out of the Clyde Village Store, at 18 Sunderland St, Clyde Dam Tours has been operating since December last year.

The tour takes people across the top of the top of the dam for a birds-eye view of the superstructure and surrounding area. before entering into the control room to chat with the controller and see in real-time what's Involved managing Clyde, Roxburgh and Hawea Dams and the live trading of electricity.

The tour continues on into the gallery In the dam wall, exiting beside the massive pen stocks and the four spillways.

Tour goers get the chance to venture into the massive slip-joint. a unique feature of Clyde Dam due to its construction on a fault line, designed to accommodate the dams movement during an earthquake.

Finally, tourists get the opportunity to view the powerhouse, descending into one of the operating turbines to see how power is generated using water.

Tour Schedule is weekdays @ 4.00pm and Saturday and Sundays @ either 10am or 1pm.

Adults $125

Children $75 (4-14yr)

Family $375 (2+2)

Contact us by phone or email.

Check out our Website or visit us at 18 Sunderland St, Clyde.